Practice Areas

Charles R. Bowers, PC offers legal services in the following practice areas:

•  Business Law:  Business formation, operations and business transactions, including the negotiation and drafting of all types of contracts.

•  Technology and Internet Law:  The formation and operation of internet-based businesses, and the negotiation and drafting of contracts for website development, web application development, electronic commerce, electronic banking, and computer hardware and software businesses.

•  Intellectual Property Law:  Intellectual property protection and licensing, including trademark and copyright registration and licensing, and trade secret protection.

•  Data Security and Privacy Law:  Advising businesses on the legal and regulatory compliance issues associated with data security and privacy.

•  Art Law:  Advising clients on the production, protection and licensing of artistic works, including film production, book publication and music.

•  Manufacturing and Commercial Development Law:  Advising clients operating in the fields of manufacturing and commercial and municipal development.

•  Tax Representation, Business and Business Litigation: The representation of taxpayers before the IRS and state taxing authorities, commercial litigation, and general business operations.

•  International Litigation: International litigation and arbitration, specializing in the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments.